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The Mississippi Legislature established the Veterans’ Home Purchase Board (VHPB) in 1936 as a state Agency for the purpose of rehabilitating and rewarding the State’s Veterans by making mortgage loan money available to them often at a rate lower than the rate charged by private sector mortgage companies. Because of the Constitutional prohibition against the State’s loaning its credit in aid of any person (MISS. CONST. of 1890, art 14, Section 258), The VHPB purchases the property from the seller and then resells the property on credit to the Veteran Purchaser. In all other respects; the Agency operates as a traditional mortgage company.

The Veterans’ Home Purchase Board provides money in the form of a VA Guaranteed home purchase loan to the Veterans of Mississippi as thanks for their sacrifice and service to our Country and this State. This benefit to the Veteran costs the State NOTHING.

Current Board Members  

Mr. John B. Kaiser, Jr., Executive Director
Madison, Mississippi

Mr. Chris Anthony Stockstill, Board Member
Picayune, Mississippi

Mr. Richard Derward Stevens, Board Member
Isola, Mississippi

Mr. Dr. Dan Henry Singley, Jr., Board Member
Meridian, Mississippi

Mr. Gene Hortman, Jr, Board Member (At Large)
Laurel, Mississippi

Mr. Henry Watts, Chairman
Natchez, Mississippi

Mr. Ronald Len Beckham, Board Member
Oxford, Mississippi


Veterans' Home Purchase Board of Mississippi

3466 Highway 80 East
P.O. Box 54411
Pearl, MS 39288-4411
​Phone: (601) 576-4800